How To Paint An Aluminum Garage door?/ 3 Easy Steps To Do This With Ease!

If your aluminium garage door becomes dull or faded, then the only solution to this issue is to paint it. But you’re in luck as this article will explain how to paint an aluminium garage door.

Here we go!


Cleaning the garage door made of aluminium!

Step 1) Clear the Door.

Clean the door to get rid of the dust and other dirt so that the primer can be easily applied to the door.

Step 2) Prepare the Front Door

Painting outdoor objects in highly humid, chilly, or warm weather is not a good idea. Due to the expansion of metals and alloys in heated air, the paint won’t dry as quickly as you might expect. When planning this project, aim for a run of clear, temperate days.

Step 3) Paint the doors

After cleaning, when the door gets dry, you can now paint on it. Apply a thinned oil-based primer. The oil-based primer should be thinned with one pint of paint thinner for every gallon. Give the primer 24 hours to dry.

The outside of your house can be painted any colour you like. It is best to use acrylic latex on the exterior of your home. You should apply another layer of paint on the door if you see any aluminium underneath the first layer or blotchy areas.

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This is how aluminium garage doors are painted. Comment below if you have any questions.

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