How to Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life
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How to Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life

It’s no surprise that we all want our phones to last longer. Different people use different strategies to improve their phone’s battery life. But it has been observed that many users don’t know exactly what makes their phone’s battery last longer. In this blog post, we’ll let you know how one can significantly improve their smartphone’s battery. Let’s find out how it’s done:

Use auto-brightness or reduce screen brightness

It takes a significant amount of power to keep your smartphone’s screen alight. If you’ve set your brightness to higher levels, it’s time to switch to auto-brightness to save some battery juice. You can even reduce it to the lower levels you think are okay for you.

How to Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life

Auto-bright mode consumes less power in comparison to high brightness levels. This tip alone can fix your low battery issues. So, take it quite seriously.

Shorten screen timeout

It’s up to you for how long you want your phone to stay lit? Obviously, a lengthy screen timeout results in poor battery life. It not only eats your phone’s battery but also affects its performance. It’s recommended that you set it to less than one minute. This way you can save a significant amount of battery.

Turn off WiFi & Bluetooth

There’s no point in leaving your phone’s Bluetooth ON when not in use. The same is true for WiFi. Your apps in the background keep updating simultaneously without letting you know. Get into the habit of keeping your WiFi and Bluetooth Off when you’re not using them.

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