5 Advantages of the Personalized Study Schedule in Online Course

5 Advantages of the Personalized Study Schedule in Online Course

It is common at the beginning of every year for students to begin their studies, but compressing everything that was learned during high school is quite a challenge. And at these times, study schedules emerge from all sides that promise to cover all the content and guarantee approval.

At school, the traditional organization is to follow the contents as the teachers pass the subjects. When preparing for the exam, however, the student is faced with the need to know what his / her priorities are. The studies must be in accordance with the needs, priorities and difficulties of each one. And following the schedule, it may not be the best way to find out, see?

5 Advantages of the Personalized Study Schedule in Online Course

Defending the creation of a personalized study schedule for online learning, we would like to highlight 5 advantages for the student. During this Coronavirus pandemic, you can adopt these tips while studying online courses at Israel Figa.

  1. The plan is made by and for you

The traditional schedule does not prioritize what is most important for each student. With a ready-made schedule in class-room course, the student does not give the focus. These are small details that completely change your results up front.

During online course, you will get all study material at once and you have to manage everything on your own. So, you plan everything for only yourself.

  1. Allows you to focus on the test exercises

The teacher explains that one of the main errors of the traditional study format is the total focus on classes. Taking a class marathon does not bring about retention. You receive the content, but you send it away.

Online courses at Israel Figa can be a good way to use classes in a more responsible way. The student can see how to use classes as a tool. You don’t need to watch everything.

  1. Strengthens the memorization process

In the normal study, when you arrive at class 20, you have already forgotten everything about class 1.

The more you pull, the stronger it gets. If every time you need to know your content, you take the document and read it, you will not remember it. But online courses refer to the importance of trying to remember the content without reading it in the book or in the notes.

  1. Enables spaced review

To retain content, the student must constantly review what has been learned, following a schedule. If you study a subject today, it’s nice to study it again in 2 days. Then study again after a week and after a month again.

In online courses, it is possible not only to space and interleave the studies, but also to make more flexible hours. It is proven that spacing the content is more advantageous than learning everything at once.

  1. Is healthier

In addition to all the benefits of online learning, following a specific study schedule allows flexibility that brings benefits to mental health. When you prioritize what you need most, you can study for less time. And with that you will have moments to go out, exercise and enjoy with friends.