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How to Handle Broken Garage Door Springs

The garage door spring is the most important component of a garage as it provides automatic opening and closing for the door. It also ensures that the heavy garage door can be set in motion easily. Garage door springs are specialized devices that ensure the smooth flow of cables to lift or lower the garage door.


The two types of springs are torsion springs and extension springs. They are mounted on sturdy metal posts called ‘hangers.’

When the garage opener string is pulled, it rotates the spool drum that winds the cable around it, which in turn pulls up one side of the door by means of a counterbalance system. The spring’s role is to manage this force, and it ensures that the door provides a smooth lift or descent.

If anything goes wrong with the springs, there are a number of possible consequences: garage doors could become very heavy to lift, they will open unevenly – if at all, and worst of all, they may come crashing down. Doors may also become noisy and wear out rapidly – all of which is not only inconvenient but poses a safety hazard.

These are the steps to take to get your garage springs replaced:

  1. Go online and search for a reputable company that offers garage door spring repair Hampton VA. You can check reviews from previous customers, or you can simply list the companies near you.
  2. Once the potential company has been selected, it is time to call them up and ask questions about their services – perhaps you could even check with your friends or relatives if they have used this service before. Make sure that you are comfortable answering these questions before proceeding any further with the next step of setting an appointment.
  3. It is now time to meet with the technician who will be doing the work. This meeting is important as it allows you to ask more questions regarding their services – you can even ask for references from previous customers.