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Common Garage Doors Problems and their solutions

Dealing with a malfunctioning garage door can be frustrating, especially if you rely on it for daily use.

From broken springs to misaligned tracks, garage doors encounter many problems that homeowners may encounter. We will discuss some of the most common garage door problems and their solutions to help you get your garage door back in working order.


All The Common Garage Doors Problems and Their Solutions:

  • Loud or noisy operation: The fix is to replace the rollers, tighten the hardware, and lubricate the moving parts.
  • Broken springs: Garage door springs lift the door’s weight. If they break, the door will not open or close properly. A professional should replace the springs.
  • The door is able to be opened or closed: 
  • The garage door may not open or close because of a faulty opener, a broken cable, or misaligned tracks. The solution is to replace the opener, replace the cable, and realign the tracks.
  • The door opens or closes too quickly: There may be a problem with your garage door opener or a faulty safety sensor.
  • Your opener or safety sensor might need to be replaced depending on the root cause.
  • The door is off-track: You should call a professional to reposition your garage door and realign the tracks if it is off-track.

That’s it.

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