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Shear Bolts Saved Me From A Dangerous Spring Failure

A Harrowing Garage Door Accident Averted

I still shudder to think what could have happened if it weren’t for those simple little shear bolts on my garage door. One minute I was getting in my car, completely unsuspecting of the danger overhead. The next, there was an almighty crack and before I knew it, parts of my shattered garage door were raining down around me.

garage door spring repair Norfolk

It Turned Out Much Worse Than Expected

When I originally noticed the garage door was sticking a bit, I figured it just needed a little WD-40 or some new rollers. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the real problem was with the enormous counterbalanced springs suspended above. Those springs are under insane amounts of tension to easily lift the heavy door. Over time, that tension had caused one to fracture.

A Close Call Averted

Luckily for me, the manufacturer had installed shear bolts designed to fail safely in just such a catastrophic situation. Rather than the spring releasing its energy uncontrollably, the bolts snapped, allowing the broken spring to unwind gradually and harmlessly off to the side. While it still did some damage tearing through parts of the door, it prevented the whole coil from becoming a deadly projectile. I can’t imagine what would have happened if it had struck me full force instead.

The Importance of Professional ‘Garage Door Spring Repair in Norfolk’

This experience really drove home the importance of professional garage door maintenance and Garage Door Spring Repair in Norfolk. Those springs may be simple mechanisms, but they store huge amounts of potential energy. It only takes one to fail for it to turn deadly in an instant. Rather than risking my safety trying to fix or replace them myself, I now call in the experts for annual inspections and any needed repairs or replacements. Peace of mind is worth the minor cost to ensure everything remains in good working order.

Safety First Should Always Be The Priority

In the end, I was lucky to walk away unharmed thanks to that simple shear bolt safety feature. But it could have so easily gone another way. Garage doors see a lot of cycles over the years and parts do wear out. Never take garage door or spring safety for granted. Prioritize inspections and don’t delay recommended repairs. It just isn’t worth the risk to your well-being or that of family and property. When it comes to such an essential part of your home, safety should always come before cost or convenience.