Functionality of laptop case

Functionality of laptop case

Laptop case, as a rule, equipped with a large number of pockets for various purposes. First, in any bag there is a three-sectional or one-piece file-compartment for papers, a pocket for a mobile phone and an office-organizer.

Laptop case for over $ 100 always have a pocket for a mobile phone. They can also be equipped with backpacks, suitcases and briefcases, but they do not happen on cases, cases and bags-trolleys. Organizer is equipped with about two thirds of all bags, regardless of price and manufacturer. Organizers have a different design and can contain special compartments for writing supplies, cartridges, floppy disks, business cards, a wallet, credit cards and much more. Organizer does not take up much space and is indispensable for storing small things.

Functionality of laptop case

In some laptop case, there is a luggage compartment or luggage rack. If the bag will only be used to carry the laptop on travel, it is more convenient to use the luggage compartment, although it makes the bag uncomfortable for everyday wear. The luggage rack allows you to have one bag for traveling, and for every day.

Also laptop case can be equipped with a pocket for audio or mp3 player, a place for a printer, a pocket for PDAs, CDs, a place for a power supply, and a lock with a code and a key.

Locks equipped with more than half of the elite products, but you can also find locks and among products from 100 to 200 cu. Locks are placed on almost all cases, as well as on suitcases and briefcases. There are models equipped with several different locks. Some bags also have special pockets for carrying CD-Rom, DVD-Rom, hard disk and other similar devices.

Which laptop case is better to buy?

The laptop today has become a constant companion of many people, which is also taken into account by manufacturers offering a variety of bags for transportation. Any store will offer several different models, differing in appearance, size and price, so before you buy the right one, you need to know what they are.

Regardless of who produces the model, the bag must meet a number of requirements. A quality bag not only makes the transport of the laptop convenient, but also protects it from damage due to the reliable fasteners present in it, which fixes the position of the equipment.

Most often, in addition to the laptop compartment, there is a separate pocket for documents in the bag, small compartments for office supplies and a mobile phone. Extra pockets can be present not only from the inside, but also from the outside.

The size of the laptop case is different, as is the diameter of the laptop screen. Inside the bag it should be placed freely, so it is okay to take a bag of a larger size, no. Naturally, you should not buy a big bag for a small netbook, since it is not necessary to hang loose in a bag. The size of the laptop bag is determined in inches, but if there is any doubt, you can just try on the bag before buying. Sometimes this is more advisable and because individual models of technology have their own specific features in the form of protrusions, which may not fit in the selected bag.

The weight of the products differs depending on the size, but too light bags do not happen in principle. Because of the rigidity of the construction, they weigh at least a kilogram.

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