Must-Have Free WP Plugins
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Must-Have Free WP Plugins

We humans by nature like unique and tidy stuff, whether it be websites or smartphones. Since mostly websites are built on WordPress platform, we’ve made a list of some of the best WP plugins to add a real value to your website. Let’s go through these plugins below;

Antispam Bee

We all know that there’s no dearth of scammers on the internet. You can be tired of spam comments constantly attacking your website. To get rid of these annoying comments and spammers, you should have Antispam Bee installed on your website to keep all the potential spamy comments at bay. It’s a free plugin being used largely by the users all over the world.

Must-Have Free WP Plugins


Are you on the lookout for the best plugins to improve your website’s security and safety? Duplicator is the single source for all your website backup issues. Not only does it help you make a backup of your website but also lets you move your site form one place to another with utmost accuracy.

Easy Updates Manager

Do you dread updating your WP site? We know that it takes a lot of time and efforts. If you’re running multiple sites and don’t have enough time to update them, consider installing this plugin to your site to feel fully relaxed. With this plugin, your site keeps updating on its own. Interesting, isn’t it?

Disable Comments

If you don’t need suggestions from your visitors, this is the right plugin you can install to your site. You can be puzzled with tens of thousands of WP plugins claiming to fix your comment problems, but in reality they do nothing but spoil your time.

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