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How to Monitor the Use of Technology by Kids

There is a huge technological insurgency is our lives. The kids have ever more technology contact. With Phonetracking, the parents can automatically know how they use the technology.

The founders of the company wanted to do something for the world. There are many situations in which infants are subject to permanent damage that could have been avoided if they had had any tool for it. If children are harmed, the future of the world is being damaged.

The creation of the software was an epic moment in their lives, because they could live to serve society. At first they faced several recessions, such as the functionality of their system, but with great dedication they managed to create something that worked perfectly well and whose intention to protect children was fulfilled.

When they reached this point they decided to innovate. They were already well known and had several awards under their belt. And observing that its application liked so much in the public of all the strata and all the classes agreed to work in the diversification of the activities that can be watched with the tool.

Customer reviews

The excellent clientele of Phonetracking app issues opinions and criticisms all the time. And they are heard and received to improve the aspects that need to be improved.

“After trying this app, it has become a part of my life as a parent. It allows me to be aware of what my children are doing. I also like that I can adjust some things to decide which people, places or apps to block or allow. “

“I searched for an application to monitor my children when I’m not here and they recommended Phonetracking. I love it! It helps me take care of my children on the dangerous Internet. “

“Caring for children is fundamental. This app helps me with it. I recommend it to everyone.”