How to Download Facebook Videos On iOS
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How to Download Facebook Videos On iOS

Watching videos online on Facebook and YouTube is something we like to do when we’re getting bored. During our everyday Facebook scrolling, we see different videos in the News Feed, either shared by our loved ones or the pages we follow. Some of them are really good and we want to download them to share with others and watch later when’re offline. Today, we are up with an iOS app called MyMedia that will allow you to download your favorite videos quite easily.

How to Download Facebook Videos On iOS

To get your downloading started, you would need to install the app from App Store. With this amazing iOS app, you don’t only download media files but also can manage all of your media files quite easily. After installing it, you need to login into your Facebook account and you’re done.

If you want to download any video, just tap on it and you’ll be prompted with different options. One of them will be ‘’Copy Link’’. This option will copy Direct Link of the video file to your iOS clipboard. Now go to the MyMedia application and there you’ll get a browser. Now browse the website called and paste the link of your video file you want to download on your iOS device.

You may also browse another website called DownFacebook in case the above-mentioned website doesn’t work. This is how one can download any Facebook video on its iOS device.

Here’s the App Store decryption of MyMedia;

‘’MyMedia is a powerful file manager that enables you to manage files on your device. You can play the files, manage them and export them to your computer.’’

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