A Complete Guide For Pubg

A Complete Guide For Pubg

The abbreviation Pubg stands for “players unknown battleground.” The Lottery Heroes and PUBG game ranks one of the hottest games in the world of video games. Last more than 33 million copies only for PC were sold, so it’s very clear that everybody is trying to copy it because of the craze of people for this game.

Guide for Pubg players to ease their game:

In every game, there are some essential points that you should know before starting to play. For Pubg, below are the tips and tricks that will help you roll in the battleground successfully.

A Complete Guide For Pubg

Understand every single point

You will surely be thinking that every shooter game has the same aim, but stop Pubg is different. Well, the main purpose of this game is survival. That is why camping and fighting is the only key to survive and save you from opposites. This game does have a ranking system in which if you completed the kills, assists, and personal placement objectives to remain alive; you will be ranked at the top.

Fix the right spot to drop

You’re every single Pubg game starts with an areophane flying with random 100 players piled together.  Your first-ever big decision is to decide where to drop? Because it depends on the place that you will last for 30 sec or 30 minutes. After dropping, you have two choices:

  • Dive as fast as you can and reach the cities and military bases where you can easily find the best guns and gears.
  • Fly as far away from the planes; you reach the points where there are scavenging remote buildings, with peace.

Always get in search of essentials

As soon as you reach the ground, the first thing you should do is find the best guns and gear to help you survive. You will find everything on the floor of buildings, so no need to waste your time anywhere else. Grab the essentials very quickly, but this all depends on your luck that what you will find. Apart from guns, you will also need backup to carry gears, a helmet, and protective waste. This will help you to absorb any damage.

Pick the right time to fight

An essential part of surviving in Pubg is knowing when to fight and be aware of your surroundings. If you feel that someone is firing on you from a distance, the better decision is to run, not fight back. Always remember that every shoot sound can be heard from quite a far place, and it can reveal your position.

Always watch your replays

In the hit 1.0 version of Pubg for PC, there is a killCam and replay feature. This will help you to see how you reacted, and the other certain players handle the situation. You will get a lot of tricks to help you improve your skills.


Concluding the entire discussion, we found that every player wants to play Mega Millions online including PUBG. The whole above article is about a game ranking high in the world of fighting or shooting games. But the main purpose of this game is to survive as long as possible, but yes, to survive, you have to fight. Above are some tips that will help you improve your playing skills and remain on the battleground for a long time.