Video surveillance kits, wireless IP-66 27 IR LED monitor with 3.5″ laptop

The market for video surveillance systems is constantly abuzz with proposals for a continuous jet, to pursue a very strong demand. The growing demand on the market for video surveillance ... Continue Reading →

Zotac ZBOX Sphere OI520 new mini-PC multimedia spherical

Zotac announces the arrival of a new entry in its lineup of mini PC Zbox. The Zotac ZBOX Sphere OI520 is a small computer from the spherical shape with an Intel processor fourth generation, ... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Surface 3 and Surface Pro Mini new information leaked!

Leaked on the net new information about the unreleased tablet and Microsoft Surface Microsoft Surface Mini Pro 3, in anticipation of the event a few hours of presentation through which ... Continue Reading →

Google Glass on sale for all Americans to $ 1500

Since the opening of the “special” sales a day has been an incredible success, Google has decided to sell its Google Glass to all U.S. users who wish to invest in this technology. About ... Continue Reading →

Gramofon hands-on test of the social music FON router

Hard to give up comfort as the Gramofon once it has become a habit. If you love music and want condivire the pleasure of listening to friends who invite you to our home, is a perfect ... Continue Reading →

MicroView – microcomputer based Arduino with OLED display

Geek Ammo Company presented a very curious microcomputer: model MicroView is the world’s smallest chip built with Arduino OLED display. Continue Reading →

G2 HP 250 laptop

Gone are the days when buying computers laptops was prohibitive accessible to people with some financial comfort. Today, laptops are good, which at the same time provide ample security ... Continue Reading →
Logitech G502 Core Proteus with 12 thousand DPI mouse perfect for gamers

Logitech G502 Core Proteus with 12 thousand DPI mouse perfect for gamers

Logitech G502 Proteus Core is a new mouse for gaming: high enough price but really good features. Today Logitech introduces its Core G502 Proteus tones from the press release, sure, ... Continue Reading →
Smart TV

Android Google TV is coming! Here’s how Mountain View wants to enter in the living room

Google wants to create a device to bring a smart TV even more beautiful and easy to use Apple TV in the homes of its users, reveals a preview of The Verge. There were a few hard failures ... Continue Reading →
Smart TV

Samsung UHD TV Curve, launch event in Milan for a great TV

Samsung has also launched in Italy his TV UHD Curve, an amazing combination of technology with a design that intrigues, but that is quite functional. Samsung has brought to Milan and ... Continue Reading →

USB 3.1 will be reversible and will replace USB and microUSB

Big changes to the USB format, which becomes smaller and reversible. When we arrive to the consumer, in other words, you can plug it in the first try, because it’s symmetrical! Our ... Continue Reading →

Toshiba presents new Blu-ray Disc player

Toshiba is very fertile at this time, not to deny a tradition devoted to dynamism. The Japanese company has a new family of Blu-ray Disc. The Blu-ray Disc is an optical born as an evolution ... Continue Reading →

LaCie launches Fuel in the 2TB version

LaCie is put to work on Fuel, offering a higher-capacity version, which doubles the storage capacity of the base unit, which joins. Starting this month, the unit hard drive Fuel will ... Continue Reading →

iWatch, Apple has contacted Swiss companies for the smart watch

For his iWatch Apple has contacted several Swiss companies, which is why Apple has contacted several companies for its iWatch , and these would all Swiss companies: an element that ... Continue Reading →

R12 Motion Computing Platform, a new 12.5-inch Rugged Tablet

Motion Computing introduces a new element into the category of tablet “rugged”, the R12 Motion Platform, a 12.5-inch device with a Full HD screen, dedicated to productivity ... Continue Reading →

Google Glass, marketing campaign to defend the (many) criticisms

Google creates a marketing campaign with the goal of “expanding consciousness” on its Google Glass, which currently suffer more criticism than positive comments. According ... Continue Reading →

Asus ROG Matrix 290x and R9 Matrix GTX 780 Ti, announced two new video cards for gaming

Asus announces the arrival of two new video cards dedicated to video gaming the ASUS ROG Matrix 290x and R9 Matrix GTX 780 Ti, defined the better cooled, quieter and more easily overclock ... Continue Reading →

Wear Android, Google OS for smartwatch and wearable technology

Google introduces Android Wear, a platform “secondary” created by the smart watch and interact with Android on the phone, in order to present the user with the most important ... Continue Reading →
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