Oculus Platform will store content for Samsung Oculus Rift Gear and VR

When we tested VR Gear Samsung in IFA conveyed the feeling that we were really good. However, leaving us with a rather important question: content. What would happen to them? Will it ... Continue Reading →

NVidia makes the most of the 28 nanometers with their new GTX 980 and GTX 970

A shoot wearing several weeks, and it finally occurred on this day: NVidia presents its new graphics ‘Maxwell’, with two models that seek to meet the highest product ranges. Are ... Continue Reading →

Virgin Galactic adventures in space with commercial spaceship

Is approaching the meeting with Richard Branson’s commercial space flight, wealthy British businessman, founder of Virgin Group, whose interests range from trips to the media, ... Continue Reading →

A new radar wants to avoid to send messages while driving

So far the drivers used to be aware of speed cameras on the roads, but an American company wants to take that idea to avoid other types of accidents: those that occur when we send text ... Continue Reading →

At MIT want to play Tetris with cars to avoid jams

What is the best way to regulate traffic in sensitive areas of some big cities to avoid monumental traffic jams? Some of the solutions involve restricting the passage of a number of ... Continue Reading →

BeoVision Avant 85″ TV with high-end

The ability to enjoy movies and other video products and television in the heyday is a much need felt by the most demanding users who want to enjoy valuable experience in front of the ... Continue Reading →

The bacteria of bees could replace antibiotics!

Honey, or rather the bacterial flora of the stomach of the bees, could be the key to contain antibiotic-resistant infections. It is not a great mystery that the bees somehow have managed ... Continue Reading →

New large format iPad

Apple is one of the companies that rumors Stars due to the many fans of the brand. In this post, an old rumor that seems to become reality is rescued, the launch of a new tablet pc ... Continue Reading →

NASA studies for civilian drones a control system of automated traffic

NASA is developing a system of air traffic control designed for drones: automated and sophisticated, will talk in real time with flocks of these little robots. NASA is working to fix ... Continue Reading →

Solepower another way to charge your gadgets

Engineers at several universities have joined Solepower to develop a system that enables you to charge small gadgets in a very natural way: on foot. It is a template that will collect ... Continue Reading →

BenQ PT2200, technical specifications of a new low-end tablet

Will this solution All in One BenQ to launch into the world of low-end tablet? The tablet that we present today is called BenQ and PT2200 is a device that is unlikely you would expect ... Continue Reading →

Drones for delivery in India for Amazon Prime!

Deliver the goods quickly is a priority of the companies related to the universe of e-commerce, which assess the new opportunities offered by technology. Amazon Prime probe the market ... Continue Reading →

Smart shoes

A recent Indian company has developed Lechal creation, a smart shoe that, thanks to your templates, you can walk with them and will indicate where you should go and where to turn at ... Continue Reading →

Nophone for mobile addicts

One company has created nophone device, a gadget that mimics the size and shape of any smartphone we can use, but has no ability to call display or any of the classic choices, as it ... Continue Reading →

Om One, the wireless speaker that floats in the air

Om One is a speaker that floats in the air like a guru of legends clearly talking about magnetic levitation, but it is objectively impressive … Om One is a speaker that levitates ... Continue Reading →

3 Actions In order to Choosing the best Car Transportation Organization

Whenever moving to a different town all of us prefer to journey along with our possessions which consists of the vehicles. Just how might 1 start discovering a method to proceed an ... Continue Reading →

Video surveillance kits, wireless IP-66 27 IR LED monitor with 3.5″ laptop

The market for video surveillance systems is constantly abuzz with proposals for a continuous jet, to pursue a very strong demand. The growing demand on the market for video surveillance ... Continue Reading →

Zotac ZBOX Sphere OI520 new mini-PC multimedia spherical

Zotac announces the arrival of a new entry in its lineup of mini PC Zbox. The Zotac ZBOX Sphere OI520 is a small computer from the spherical shape with an Intel processor fourth generation, ... Continue Reading →
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