iPad vs. Android Tablets: Number of users equals

ipad-androidUntil a year ago, Apple tablet, i.e., the iPad in its two versions available at the time far exceeded all Android tablets that were in the market. But now, that figure had changed, according to a study by the Online Publishers Association (OPA).

What happens is that, until last year, the number of people iPad users accounted for 72%, while users of Android tablets only came to 32% in the U.S… But now, the number of users is almost the same, as Apple, but maintains lead with 52%, the Android tablets are very close, with 51% of users. Part of this large increase of Android tablets in the hands of individuals, is due to the success of the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Other interesting facts from the study of OPA note that, for example, the use of tablets for Internet access has increased to 31% (74 million users) of the total, the U.S. rate, compared to only 12 % last year. We also found that users are with their tablets for a period of 13.9 hours per week on average and that 74% of them used daily, while 60% use it several times a day.

94% of users use the tablet to access content and information, 67% use it to access the Internet, and 66% for checking email. 54% of users watch videos on your tablet, 49% to find out the weather conditions, 37% to meet the national news and 36% for entertainment content.

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