LG sells the first 4K OLED TV modest price, “only” $ 11,000

Probably we will see at the IFA 2014, but in South Korea will be on sale soon: the first 4K OLED TV in the world is coming. We’re pretty sure that the lucky audience of ‘IFA ... Continue Reading →

Etiquette hi-tech: suspend when listening through the headphones

We continue our journey on the path of bon ton, focusing on another annoying behavior related technological universe, which invests mainly the very young. The hi-tech etiquette imposes ... Continue Reading →

Headphones BeoPlay H6 special edition and vibrant

Summer is the season of colors and festive atmosphere, even in technology. In manufacturers’ catalogs there are several proposals to the tune period. B & O PLAY Bang & ... Continue Reading →

BenQ PT2200, technical specifications of a new low-end tablet

Will this solution All in One BenQ to launch into the world of low-end tablet? The tablet that we present today is called BenQ and PT2200 is a device that is unlikely you would expect ... Continue Reading →

Drones for delivery in India for Amazon Prime!

Deliver the goods quickly is a priority of the companies related to the universe of e-commerce, which assess the new opportunities offered by technology. Amazon Prime probe the market ... Continue Reading →

Smart shoes

A recent Indian company has developed Lechal creation, a smart shoe that, thanks to your templates, you can walk with them and will indicate where you should go and where to turn at ... Continue Reading →

Nophone for mobile addicts

One company has created nophone device, a gadget that mimics the size and shape of any smartphone we can use, but has no ability to call display or any of the classic choices, as it ... Continue Reading →

Om One, the wireless speaker that floats in the air

Om One is a speaker that floats in the air like a guru of legends clearly talking about magnetic levitation, but it is objectively impressive … Om One is a speaker that levitates ... Continue Reading →

Choose the Ideal Area For the MacBook

You’ll rue should you pick a incorrect spot to keep the MacBook. A few workplace cubicles as well as domiciles don’t provide you with a option as well as you need to location your ... Continue Reading →

Acer Chromebook 13 technical specifications of the new Chromebook

Here are the specs of the new Acer Chromebook 13 Yesterday we told you about a Chromebook and we are here today to tell you about a Chromebook Acer, Acer Chromebook precisely 13: As ... Continue Reading →

Toshiba Qosmio X70 a comprehensive test for this laptop for gamers

I spent a few days with the Toshiba Qosmio X70 laptop from Japanese gamer that has an aggressive look, a super fast GPU and a price that does not forgive! As stated in our preview, ... Continue Reading →

3 Actions In order to Choosing the best Car Transportation Organization

Whenever moving to a different town all of us prefer to journey along with our possessions which consists of the vehicles. Just how might 1 start discovering a method to proceed an ... Continue Reading →

LG Vista, new phablet midrange almost identical to the LG G3

New phablet from LG, for the moment only for the American market: here comes LG View The phablet of which we speak today is called the LG view and certainly will not seem new at all: ... Continue Reading →

Wear Android, Android and Android TV Auto can not be customized

Breaking news: Wear Android, Android TV and Android Cars are not customizable We all know by now what is referred to Wear Android, Android TV and Android Car and what were the promises ... Continue Reading →
USB Stick

Carbon Fibre USB Keychain Keyring Mclaren

Use a material recurring in Formula 1 and also in sports cars driving in the Woking team. This is linked to their philosophy. The Carbon Fibre USB keychain Keyring proposed by McLaren ... Continue Reading →

Different passwords for each website – The vital need to do so

If you access the Internet on a daily basis, then you must be having several accounts. Is the password of all your accounts the same? Well, if yes, then you should change each of them ... Continue Reading →

Toshiba the new summer lineup of tablets and convertible

Toshiba is getting ready for the summer months, giving rise to the distribution of a range of mobile devices composed of a diverse number of tablets and convertible operative systems ... Continue Reading →

Samsung Gear 2 a new update has been introduced in the blocking mode Mode

Here are all the details on the new update for Samsung Gear 2 The new update for Samsung Gear 2 is not revolutionary, but should not be underestimated either: it is, in effect, an update ... Continue Reading →
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